About Him

I am a Senior Director at Capgemini with over 28 years of overall experience in IT, Digital transformation and leaderships roles. My expertise lies in providing technical consulting, enterprise architecture, and solutions architecture for business and IT landscape transformation. 

I have worked extensively with global customers, providing services like innovation, business value creation, technical research, COE management, enterprise merger, and setting up new business units, among others. 

For a short tenure, I have managed and maintained alliance-driven cloud solutions portfolios and have won multiple awards and accolades for my work. 

To keep myself upskilled time-to-time, I have several professional certificates, including Executive Certificate of Global Business Leadership, TOGAF 9 Certificate, Certified SAFe Agilist, Google Project Management and Certified IBM Data Science Professional & Applied Data Science Specialist

Throughout my career, I have interacted with business leaders, CEOs, CXOs, and decision-makers in IT transformation, global opportunities, and strategic initiatives.

Initially got onboarded as ADMnext Ninja for enabling and supporting the Capgemini Leadership circle, Capgemini Market Units and ADM COE. Utilizing over two decades of experience in IT cost reduction through pyramid optimization, automation, multi-tower opportunity collaboration & mutualization, performing assessments/audits and strategic guidance for next generation ADM and AMS services. Having worked on enterprise products and integration extensively for global customers in US, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, captive centers in India and travelled extensively on short term assignments in Europe, Australia and China.

Contributed significantly in digital transformation, innovation, business value chain, technical research, enterprise merger, setting up new business unit etc. Also worked toward employee motivation, counselling and social welfare.